Air Conditioning Repairs Brisbane

Do you need an air conditioning repair?

Is your air conditioning noisy, dripping or unable to start? Then you need to call Fallon Solutions, we are experts in air conditioner repairs Brisbane.  We employ a team of qualified air conditioning technicians and electricians skilled in all aspects of air conditioning repairs.

Our staff have years of experience in all kinds of air conditioning repairs and have loads of knowledge when it comes to different brands and models.  This means you can be sure you are getting the right advice from tradespeople with experience.

We repair home air conditioning including ducted air conditioning repairs and split air conditioning repairs. We also can complete commercial air conditioning repairs to large office buildings.

Air Conditioner repairs or replace?

For older air conditioning units that have not been properly maintained sometimes it may be more cost effective to replace the air conditioning system than it is to fix it.  We recommend you take the time to talk to our qualified staff and they will help you decide whether it is cheaper to carry out air conditioning repairs to an old system and risk further problems or whether it would be more cost effective to replace the air conditioning system with a new system.  

The good news is that most new air conditioning systems usually include a five years warranty and can be substantially more energy efficient.

Handy Tip!

If your air conditioning system is under warranty you need to call your authorised warranty agent.  These details can generally be found on the paperwork supplied when you purchased the unit. This can save you time and lead to getting your air conditioning repairs faster.

What brands can we carry out air conditioning repairs on:

Daikin Air Conditioners   Mitsubishi Air Conditioners   Panansonic Air Conditioners   Fujitsu Air Conditioning

  Teco Air Conditioning

We provide air conditioning repair services across the following areas;

  • Air Conditioner Repairs Brisbane Northside as far as Redcliffe and Moreton Shire areas
  • Air Conditioning Repairs Brisbane Southside including Redlands, Logan, Beenleigh
  • Air Conditioning Repairs Ipswich
  • Air Conditioning Repairs Gold Coast
  • For Commercial Service Contracts we provide services right across Qld and further afar if required

Other brands that we find difficult to source replacement parts for air conditioning repairs (but can still provide air conditioning maintenance services to as well as many minor repairs) include;

  • Accent Air Conditioning
  • Agree Air Conditioners
  • Alcair Air Conditioner
  • Bonaire Air Conditioners
  • Bradway Air Conditioners
  • Braemar Air Conditioners
  • Breezair Air Conditioners
  • Carrier Air Conditioning
  • Convair Air Conditioners
  • Cool Breeze Air Conditioners
  • Gree Air Conditioners
  • Maytag Air Conditioners
  • Phoenix Air Conditioners
  • Polar Air Conditioners
  • Teco Air Conditioners
  • Winia Air Conditioners

If your air conditioning compressor needs replacing as an example, in many cases it is a better decision to replace your air conditioner rather than the compressor due to the cost of the air conditioner compressor change over. Other common repairs include;

  • problems with air conditioning drains
  • noisy air conditioners
  • replacement of rusted air conditioning brackets
  • replacement of air conditioning valves
  • replacement of air conditioner compressors
  • replacement of air conditioner circuit boards
  • regas of air conditioning systems
  • moving of air conditioners to new locations or during home renovations
  • repair of air conditioning ductwork
  • reconfiguration of air conditioning ductwork
  • replacement of air conditioning fans
  • replacement of air conditioning motors
  • heat pump repairs and heat pump services

To maximise the life of your air conditioner we recommend an annual or bi-annual air conditioning service. Air conditioning maintenance including cleaning of filters and other checks can dramatically increase the life of your air conditioner. Call our office now to book you annual air conditioning service Brisbane.

Please note that we do not sell air conditioner parts for others to install, only as part of an air conditioner repair service.

We do however sell a wide range of replacement air conditioners and our air conditioning prices are very competitive.

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