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Fuse Box Repairs in Brisbane

Are you having problems with your household fuse box?

Let the Fallon Solutions accredited master electricians take care of all of your fuse box repairs. Our team has been trained to carry out all of your fuse box replacements in a professional and safe manner. All of our service vehicles have a range of parts in the vans so we can carry out the fuse box repairs whilst we are onsite, saving you time and money.

The household fuse box is the central hub for your home’s electricity circuit so any problems with the household fuse box can cause electrical problems throughout your homes wiring. This is more common in older style of homes which is why we sometimes recommend a fuse board replacement.

Fuse Box Replacement

Generally it is best to have a professional come and check the current house fuse box before any further problems arise. Fuse boxes can be potentially extremely dangerous and sometimes resulting in household fires so if you think you need fuse box repairs or have a fuse box replacement undertaken call us immediately.

Taking action sooner can save money in the long term and prevent further damage occurring.

Fallon Solutions Fuse Box Repairs

It is against the law and very dangerous to undertake your own electrical repairs. If you have any concerns at all regarding your fuse box allow one of our qualified accredited Master Electricians to investigate the fuse box problem. We can advise on the appropriate action, whether that be repair or replacement.

Call Fallon Solutions Electrical on 1300 762 260 or complete our Electrical Enquiry and one of our team will contact you.

For more information on Switchboard Upgrades.

Switchboard / Mains Upgrades

(standard installation-determined upon inspection)

  • Clipsal board or Clipsal meter box (includes circuit breakers and two safety switches)
  • With mains upgrade to 16mm single phase (includes mains box)
  • Install new earth electrode (if required)
  • Supply and install surge diverter to switchboard
  • Supply and install surge diverter to switchboard (3 phase)