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Handyman Services Brisbane

Looking for a Handyman Brisbane?

A Fallon Solutions handyman can help you with all the repairs and odd jobs throughout your home or business. We offer a wide range of services (as listed below) including anything from changing light globes to minor painting and repairing fences. So don't wait for spare time to finally get around to it when you can have a Fallon Handyman out today to finish all those odd jobs. Our Handymen are fast and reliable and have a wide range of experience.

We can do just about any job around your home

Our handymen have an enormous level of experience and can do most jobs that are thrown at them. If they believe it is beyond their ability, they will advise on possible alternatives. Each of our handyman services can be quoted onsite and must be under $3300 in total value to meet the Queensland QBCC requirements.

  • Handyman Hendra
    5 5
    "I was very happy with Troy Plint's work. Troy not only did a great job, but he was also very courteous. I will certainly have Troy back to clean my solar panels again. Kind Regards, Michelle Boyle"
  • Handyman Thornlands
    5 5
    "Excellent service and excellent job by Scott A (#1903). I will definitely be calling Fallon's for any future work needed."
  • Handyman Chermside
    5 5
    "Was very professional and did an excellent job with the plastering."
  • Handyman Brisbane
    4 4
    "Thank you so much for a job well done. As you get older we realise that we really needed something like your Company to look after us. We were both very pleased with the work that was done at our place. We feel we were well looked after."
  • Fallon Solutions are the odd job experts in Brisbane, so if you need to have some moving, shifting, banging, carrying, fitting, fixing, assembling or hanging carried out at your property we can do it all.

    In addition to providing general handyman services for the home and business, we also offer a flat pack furniture assembly service. This is great for all of your flatpack purchases from furniture and kitchen retailers such as Bunnings and IKEA.

    Call us now on 1300 762 260 to ask about our home handyman services and how we can help save you time and money.

    Home and building maintenance services

    Interior jobs

    Outside jobs

    • Deck repairs and renovations
    • Replacing sets of stairs
    • Replacing handrails
    • Deck construction (including roofing, guttering, stairs, handrails and balustrades)
    • Fence repairs
    • Gate installations
    • Gutter repairs and cleaning
    • Painting repairs (residential or commercial properties)
    • Small brickwork and concreting jobs
    • Paving repairs
    • Garden landscape help
    • Repairing locks
    • Construction of carports (including roofing guttering and downpipes)
    • Timber fencing repairs

    Kitchen renovations

    Bathroom repairs

    • Tiles repairs and replacement
    • Repairing shower doors and screens
    • Fix leaking toilets
    • Assembling flat pack bathroom vanity cabinets
    • Hanging towel rails, toilet roll holders, etc
    • Water sealing around showers, baths, and vanities

    General plumbing

    • Replace faulty fixtures
    • Repair leaking/running toilets
    • Repair leaking or dripping taps
    • General plumbing problems

    Specialised cleaning services

    We can do all of the above and more. Call us now on 1300 762 260 to ask about our home handyman services and how we can help save you time and hassles.