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Specialised Cleaning Brisbane

Specialised Cleaning Services Brisbane

Fallon Solutions Handyman division offers a range of specialised cleaning services in the Brisbane area. Our team are professionally trained to carry out house washing, pressure cleaning, window cleaning, gutter and solar panel cleaning. Utilising new and innovative cleaning equipment we can carry out most jobs without the need for ladders, scaffolding or a scissor lift, this allows us to access areas previously thought to be hard to get to.

Fallon Solutions for professional, experienced and versatile Handyman Brisbane.

Cleaning Solutions Brisbane

Maintaining your home keeps it looking fantastic. However carrying out jobs such as gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning and house washing will also prevent unnecessary repairs.

Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning defends against gutter corrosion, water intrusion and mosquito breeding. Using the Sky Pole system our team can, in most cases, clean your gutters from the ground. For more information - Gutter Cleaning Brisbane

Pressure Cleaning

We offer both high and low-pressure cleaning services for all applications such as paver's, walls, eaves, decking and fences. Mould, moss, leaf litter and dirt can leave marks or build up on your hard surfaces, ageing your property. Pressure cleaning can quickly clear away stains and dirt leaving your home refreshed. For more information - Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are at their most effective when they have uninterrupted sun. Dirt and dust build up can reduce this efficiency and lead to lower running levels. With the use of 100% pure water and telescopic cleaning brushes we can clean your solar panels without the need for chemicals. For more information - Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane

Fallon Solutions Specialised Cleaning

We offer discounted prices if you book a combination of any three specialised cleaning services. Call today on 1300 762 260 or book by clicking the blue button.