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Choosing the most suitable air conditioner for your home

  • 19 Feb 2019

During Brisbane’s summer there’s almost nothing better than staying in an air-conditioned space where you don’t realise how hot it actually is. If you don’t have a functioning air conditioner in your home, it’s about time to change that! Deciding which air conditioner to get can be difficult, as it depends on many factors. But keep cool; we’re here to help you!

For Queensland homes you’ve got the option between split, multi split or ducted air conditioning systems. They all fulfil the purpose to cool or heat a room, but there are different features that will make one type a better choice than the others for the comfort of your family.

Split systems:

  • Ideal for heating or cooling individual rooms, as well as compact spaces
  • the compressor unit is installed outside the house and the unit that blows air into the house is wall mounted or installed as a floor standing unit

Benefits: A split system is more economical than other types of air conditioning systems and split systems allow you to select the rooms you want to air condition

Multi split systems:

  • Heating and cooling up to 5 rooms
  • One outside compressor, multiple air conditioners in the home

Benefits: You can control the climate in each room individually and it’s an economical solution, as you can heat/cool rooms exactly as needed

Ducted systems:

  • Perfect for heating and cooling the entire home
  • indoor unit is concealed in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ducting distributing the conditioned air via vents

Benefits: It’s practically invisible, the operation is almost noiseless, you can heat or cool every room and a ducted system will add more value to your home

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