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6 Christmas Lighting Ideas from Around The World

Christmas is everyone's favourite time of year for so many reasons. You get to spend time with family and friends that you don't see very often. You get to eat copious amounts of food and not feel bad about it until New Years' Eve. You also get to see the children's faces light up with excitemen ..

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Keep your home safe with security sensor lighting

Every year the burglary statistics increase and we are left wondering what we can do to prevent our homes from falling victim to thieves. Do we need to put bars on all the windows and train up a guard dog? Well, you could, but by just putting in place a few simple security measures you could mak ..

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HID Light Maintenance

Due to the fire risk associated with ageing HID lighting lamps and components regular maintenance is essential. High intensity discharge lamps (HID Lamps) product light by creating and sustaining an electrical discharge between two electrodes which excites a mixture of xenon gas and mercury  ..

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SSL Quality Scheme for LED Lighting

Light emitting diodes, known as LED lighting (/electrical/led-lighting-brisbane), is also known as Solid State Lighting or SSL technology. This relatively new technology offers consumers the opportunity to dramatically increase energy efficiency, across a wide range of lighting applications. Thi ..

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Sensor Lights leading the way

The installation of sensor lights give the advantage of lighting that is automatically turned off or on, when you enter or leave an area. They can be conveniently adjusted to light levels and to time. If you have an area that receives a lot of natural light the artificial lighting will only be a ..

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Reduce the risk of Breakins at your Home

Successful Thieves like to do their work unnoticed. That is until you come home (or worse still move to another room) and see that you have belongings missing. So it therefore makes sense that to deter thieves from your home, you need to make it harder for them to remain unnoticed. This norm ..

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