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Cooktop Installation

We don’t recommend cook top installation as a DIY project! It’s not as easy as it may seem and requires specialised tools for correct and safe installation. With Fallon Services you can be assured your cooktop installation is done professionally, allowing enough room for ventilation  ..

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Heater Safety for winter

Check your heater before your use it! Did you know that a faulty or unserviced gas or electric heater can pose a huge safety risk? Gas Heaters that have not been serviced can result in the presence of carbon monoxide. This can pose a risk and cause house fires and poisoning. Carbon monoxide is o ..

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Replace your electric hot water system with Gas Hot Water

The average Brisbane house hold uses around 38% percent of their energy bill on heating water. It is also the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the carbon footprint of homes in Australia, the electric hot water systems is being phased out and replaced with more energy ef ..

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Natural Gas Safety at Home

Natural Gas Safety To ensure your home is kept safe below are a few tips for safety when it comes to Natural Gas at home. Appliances- remember to check when purchasing new appliances that they are Natural Gas Compliant and certified by a regulatory approved agency. Ensure that your new appl ..

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