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The benefits of putting your air conditioner in sleep mode

  • 16 Jan 2019

By switching your air conditioner to sleep mode during the night, you’ll save energy and money while still being comfortable in your sleep.

How your air conditioner works in sleep mode

Our body requires less cooling when we’re asleep. The sleep mode on your air conditioner will regulate the air around you automatically and increase the temperature by 0.5 to 1 degree per hour, up to a maximum of +3 degrees (depending on your air conditioning model) - without you even noticing it. This way the unit neither has to work as hard nor does it have to be completely turned off.

How to switch your air conditioning unit to sleep mode

Some models have a sleep or night set button on the remote control. Press the button to activate the feature; each time you press it, the timer adds an hour.

Your air conditioner might not have a night set button, but by using the off timer or i-save mode, you’ll achieve the same result. Daikin models automatically increase the temperature by 0.5 °C in COOL when the off timer is set (NIGHT SET mode). To use the off-timer feature, check if the clock is correct, press the timer button and then the select button until the time setting reaches the point you like.

Mitsubishi Electric split-type air conditioners come with an i-save mode which is suitable for while you are sleeping. Just press the i-save button, set a temperature (2°C to 3°C warmer in COOL) and select the fan speed and air flow direction. Now you can recall the preset with a single push of the i-save button before you go to bed. You could also set an on and off timer instead, so your air conditioner turns off when you’re fast asleep and back on before you wake up.

Alternatives for saving energy and money while still keeping cool during the night
  • Set your air conditioner to a slightly increased temperature than during the day and turn your ceiling fans on as well. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard and ceiling fans use less power than the air conditioner running on max.
  • Switch your air conditioner to Econo mode to reduce your energy consumption

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