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Wear and Tear on extension leads can be dangerous

  • 23 Aug 2011

Did you know that carrying out a visual check of your electrical leads is vital to ensuring that they are safe and in good working order.

Damage to extension leads can include the insulation cracking, frayed or coming away from plugs. These are telling signs that your extension leads need replacing.

Talk to your Fallon Services licensed Electricians

It is illegal for unlicensed people to perform electrical work. This includes the repair or making of your own electrical cords.

Stay away from double ended leads

If pins are plugged in and turned on one end of the lead has exposed pins; this can be potentially harmful and result in electrocution. 

Purchase factory made power extension leads

Only use leads that are made in a factory or by a licensed electrical contractor. Many quality electrical extension cords are available at local hardware stores. They have been testing and are certified for use around the home to Australian Standards.

Wear shoes when doing any sort of Electrical work

Wearing shoes (rubber and plastic soled shoes) when using electrical appliances on concrete floors or outdoor s. This can give you extra protection against electrical shock. Always avoid bare feet when doing any type of electrical work.

Think Electrical Safety

Contact Fallon Services licensed master electricians for all of your electrical work around the house. They are trained and experienced in all aspects of electrical safety.

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