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Electrical Safety Office Plumbing Business Audits

03 Sep 2019

A recent bulletin from WorkSafe QLD stated that electrical safety inspectors from the Electrical Safety Office would be auditing plumbers who perform electrical work as part of their services. The ESO audit process is carried out to ensu.. Read more

The link between the PCA and the WaterMark Scheme

09 Oct 2018

Our plumbing team, as are the whole of the plumbing industry in Australia, are guided by the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA). The PCA, among other things, states which products are certified and authorised to be used in the plumbing systems of y.. Read more

Never risk an unlicenced electrician

06 Sep 2018

With Electricity Safety Week approaching the tragic death of a young NSW carpenter earlier this year brings the dangers of using unlicensed electricians into the spotlight. The terrible electrical accident occurred while the carpenter was wor.. Read more

The Plumbette visits Fallon HQ

22 Jun 2018

After being impressed with the service she received as a Fallon Solutions Home Protection Plan Member, The Plumbette, Rebecca Senyard visited Fallon to find out more about our business and how we deliver on our promise of excellent .. Read more

Safety Recall - SmartSpace Kit Home Electrical Components

17 May 2018

The ACCC has issued a recall for faulty cabling, RCD, and circuit breaker sold as part of SmartSpace kit homes prior to July 2015 through the Bunnings Group Limited. These products were sold by Bunnings through SmartSpace from 1 January 2012 .. Read more

Rheem's massive 12 year hot water warranty

20 Apr 2018

If you're searching for a long-lasting electric hot water system take a look a the Rheem range. Rheem's recently extended warranty is a great indication of the confidence the company has in the staying power of their electric water heaters. .. Read more

Solar power systems - what you can and can't do

14 Feb 2018

Making adjustments to the solar PV system in your home may seem like a straightforward task. Often pulling a plug out here or connecting a lead there may look like a job anyone with a bit of common sense could do. In actual fact, anything to do w.. Read more

QLD Govt 2018 Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate

09 Jan 2018

Receive a $300 rebate when you purchase a 4-star energy rated air conditioner from 1 Jan 2018. The Queensland Government has launched the Affordable Energy Plan: making electricity more affordable. The plan, which started on 1st January this .. Read more

The Danger of Halogen Downlights

07 Jun 2017

A recent 9 News report on Halogen Downlights brought to light a topic that our electricians (/electrical.html) often discuss in training and with our customers. So we asked one of our electricians what you need to know about Halogen downlights an.. Read more

Flexible Hose Connectors

15 May 2017

Flexible connector hoses are now the number one cause of flooding in Australian homes. They are usually around toilets, sinks and tubs. It is important to check them regularly for fray’s, corrosion or any other damage to ensure they are still wor.. Read more

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