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The Danger of Halogen Downlights

07 Jun 2017

A recent 9 News report on Halogen Downlights brought to light a topic that our Electricians often discuss in training and with our customers. So we asked one of our electricians what you need to know about Halogen down lights and why they pose as.. Read more

Flexible Hose Connectors

15 May 2017

Flexible connector hoses are now the number one cause of flooding in Australian homes. They are usually around toilets, sinks and tubs. It is important to check them regularly for fray’s, corrosion or any other damage to ensure they are still wor.. Read more

Is your heater safe?

15 May 2017

Us Queenslander’s are a little sensitive to the cooler weather and the slight temperature drops in the mornings and evenings mean we’ve started to dust off our heaters that have been hibernating in the cupboard. Before you start up your hea.. Read more

Prepare your home for winter

15 May 2017

We’re starting to feel the cool here Brisbane. The mornings and evenings are feeling slightly fresh, and the weekend trips to the beach are becoming a distant summer memory. As we opt to stay warm indoors, there are some thing.. Read more

Flood Alert: Damage to Water Heaters

12 Apr 2017

If your home was affected by the recent floods, your hot water system may have been exposed to flood waters. Some of the symptoms of a flooded hot water system do not become apparent straight away. While your hot water may seem to be runn.. Read more

One safety switch may not be enough

10 Apr 2017

You may think that the circuit breakers in your switchboard are enough to protect you against electric shock, however, circuit breakers only protect wiring and appliances when a fault or overload is detected. Safety switches prevent electric curr.. Read more

We're here to help with flood and storm damage

30 Mar 2017

Our tradesmen and women, customer service team and staff are ready to help with flood and storm damage throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you need emergency plumbing (/plumbing/emergency-plumbing-brisbane) , emergency electrical (/ele.. Read more

Choosing the right taps for your home

15 Mar 2017

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom, a simple yet effective transformation is new tapware. They add style and instantly refresh a tired kitchen or bathroom. Choosing a tap isn’t as simple as it once was with so man.. Read more

The dangers of ethanol burners

14 Mar 2017

Ethanol burners are decorative burners that are filled with methylated spirits, ethanol or other fuel. They come as free standing burners or smaller, décor burners that are placed on table tops. Recently, Queensland placed a interim ban on the sa.. Read more

Air conditioner servicing essential to preventing house fires

27 Feb 2017

A recent house fire in Taringa, suspected to have been caused by a gecko in a split system air conditioner, is a timely reminder to carry out regular air con servicing to prevent accidents like this in your home. Luckily the homes smoke alarm.. Read more

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