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Hot Water Replacement

Top quality & reliable hot water replacement services

Looking for a replacement hot water system? Whether your hot water system is leaking or not producing enough hot water, Fallon Solutions can help. Our plumbers have over 60 years of experience providing energy efficient hot water system replacements. We pride ourselves on expert workmanship, excellent customer service, and practical solutions. No hot water? We provide fast and reliable hot water replacement services for residential and commercial customers across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Book our expert hot water plumbers today.

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Should you repair or replace your hot water system?

On average, hot water systems last for around 8-12 years. If your hot water system is around this age or breaking down frequently, it might be time to replace the system rather than invest in repairs.

Common problems with hot water systems:

  1. Not producing enough hot water
  2. Water either too hot or too cold
  3. Brown coloured water
  4. Gurgling, hissing or popping sound from the water tank
  5. Water leaking from the top or bottom of the tank
  6. Broken tempering valve

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, our team will assess your system to work out the most practical, cost effective solution. If the unit cannot be repaired, we can replace your hot water heater with an energy efficient upgrade. If the unit can be repaired our plumbers or gas fitters will replace the faulty or broken parts with quality spare parts where needed.

Replacement options for your hot water system

Not sure which hot water system is right for you? We have in-depth knowledge and experience with hot water systems ensuring the replacement option you choose will offer energy efficient water heating for your home or business for many years to come. Our licensed plumbers can recommend the best hot water system for your needs. If you have any questions, our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

We provide replacement hot water heater installation services for all types of hot water systems including:

Hot water system brands

We are the preferred supplier of all the leading brands so we can offer you the best prices and specialist installation services for your new hot water system. For more information on hot water system prices, request a quote today. We offer hot water replacement options from all brands including:

Professional and reliable replacement hot water system services

Our fully qualified technicians are proficient in replacing all types of hot water systems. We can assist you with the right water heater upgrade and customise the installation services to suit your property. For professional and reliable hot water solutions, contact us today on 1300 054 488 . Alternatively, fill our Hot Water Booking Form and our friendly staff will get in touch with you.


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Do I need a plumber or electrician for hot water repairs?
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For more in depth hot water information visit our Hot water Information page


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