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How to fix a leaking tap

When it comes to a leaking tap in your home or office, it can become a real nuisance, real quick. From the noise to the waste of water (and everyth...

The dangers of flexi hoses

Don’t trust a bad flexi hose Up to 1500 litres of water per hour could leak into your home from a single burst hose! Nobody wants their...




How much does a hot water system cost?

When it comes to hot water, a lot of us are pretty lucky. We have hot water to wash our dirty clothes, take a shower after a long day or clean ...

What are the pros and cons of different hot water systems?

Having hot water in your home or business really is a big aspect we all take for granted, especially stepping into a warm shower or bath after ...

What is a Water Efficiency Certificate?

When it comes to getting your home ready to rent out, there are a huge variety of aspects to consider. From rental amounts to property managers to ...

What is Backflow Testing?

With more and more community awareness of environmental concerns and eco-friendly alternatives, backflow testing is something that is becoming a...

What plumbing work can you do yourself?

It can be tempting to save a few dollars by carrying out the simple plumbing jobs around your house yourself. In some situations and with the right...



Plumber vs Plumbing Contractors

The choice between merely fixing the issue, and getting the job done properly Plumbing systems play a significant role in lives; we simply would be...

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