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Roof Restoration

Complete, professional roof restoration services Brisbane

Our experienced roof restoration specialists can take care of your roof repair and rehabilitation services throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. We provide a range of services from replacing tiles to restoring damage across the whole roof surface, repainting, leak detection, cleaning, repointing, and more.

For all your roof restoration needs contact Fallon Solutions roofing specialists today.

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Roof restoration services

The roof is your home or commercial property’s first line of defence to keep out the harsh Australian weather, so ensuring it is well maintained in top condition should be a high priority. A structurally sound, waterproof roof is crucial to protect your building. Even small issues, such as leaks or broken tiles, can quickly lead to extensive problems inside your home or building.

    As soon as you notice problems with your roof, contact your local roofing contractor for assessment and repairs.

    Tile Roof

    Roof leak detection & repairs

    Fallon Solutions roofing contractors offer specialised leak detection services to identify areas where water is getting in. It’s essential to promptly find and repair roof leaks to avoid lasting damage to your home’s interior structure.

    Small defects like cracked tiles or damaged flashing can allow rainwater into the building which can eventually lead to problems like mouldy walls, insulation deterioration, or in extreme cases structural damage.

    Roof painting services

    Repainting an old roof can quickly restore the colour and finish, giving your home an instant refresh. Painting the roof also helps to protect the surface from the sun, providing a specialised UV protective coating to preserve the tiles, and ensuring they’ll keep your home watertight for many years to come.

    Roof repointing & re-bedding

    Roof pointing and bedding in your roof can break down over the years causing tiles to move or crack and allowing water to get in. The process of repointing and re-bedding restores any damaged sections of the roof, shielding the building from further issues.

    Roof cleaning Brisbane

    Over time your roof and guttering can become clogged with leaf litter, dust and debris, limiting its ability to effectively remove stormwater from the roof area. This can lead to rain backing up and working its way into walls and ceilings. Roofs and gutters blocked with damp debris is also a great environment for pests, rodents, and birds to thrive.

    Our extensive roof cleaning service covers cleaning roof surfaces, including tile and metal style roofs, clearing gutters, and unblocking downpipes.

    Ensure your roof is clear of debris with routine roof cleaning from Fallon Solutions.

    Guttering repairs & replacements

    In South East Queensland guttering systems can take a beating, especially during the heavy downpours experienced through the summer storm season. Keeping gutters clear and in working order ensures that even when the rain is sheeting down the water is quickly and efficiently moved along the gutters and through downpipes to ground stormwater systems.

    Fallon Solutions roofing contractors provide gutter repair and replacements, gutter painting, as well as facia and downpipe repairs. Make sure your gutters are storm-ready, book a gutter repair service today.

    Metal roof with whirlybird

    Whirlybird installation & replacement

    Manage the moisture levels in your roof void, keep your home cool in summer, and minimise toxic mould growth with the installation of a Whirlybird. The Whirlybird is designed to quietly ventilate the roof space by gently drawing hot air through the roof.

    Plus Whirlybirds don’t need electricity to operate and work in all weather conditions.

    Solar panel removal for roof repairs

    With the increase in rooftop solar PV systems throughout Brisbane our roofing specialists are often required to remove solar panels prior to roof restoration can be carried out. In these situations, our team of qualified professionals will remove solar panels, mounting systems & the associated electrical components before your roof restoration and replace them all after the job is done.

    Your local roof restoration specialists

    For the very best in roof restorations, repairs, painting and more contact Fallon Solutions roofing experts at 1300 054 488 or compete our quick online roof restoration service booking form today.


    For more in depth roof restorations information visit our Roof restorations Information page

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