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Enphase Solar Installation

Enphase Solar Microinverters & Batteries Supply & Installation

Fallon Solutions are proud to be bringing you the future of solar with Enphase Solar

Enphase's solar microinverters and batteries combined with advanced software allows you to take charge of your energy consumption.

Fallon Solutions are the experts in solar and understand that by unlocking the full potential of solar energy for your home or business you will reap the benefits of a cost-effective energy source and play your part in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

With this understanding it's no wonder Fallon Solutions is a leading provider of solar solutions across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and are dedicated to helping you make a seamless transition to clean, renewable energy.

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    ENPHASE: It's a new day for solar power!

    Enphase solar system atop a house with happy family

    Credit: Enphase Energy

    Benefits of Enphase Solar

    Enphase are the world leader in microinverters. However, it has expertise that extends far beyond this. Enphase is a leading manufacturer of solar battery systems, further cementing its position as a leader in the solar industry.

    Incorporating Enphase microinverters and batteries will ensure you have a complete solar solution that produces, stores, monitors, controls, and analyses the energy in your home.

    With this advanced technology in solar, you will enjoy maximum energy output, even in shaded or challenging environments, giving you greater energy generation potential. In addition, you can use our smart mobile app for complete energy consumption control.

    Advantages of installing Enphase microinverters

    Enphase Microninverters: Performance - Reliability - Intelligence

    Enhanced Performance

    Enphase microinverters provide intelligent monitoring capabilities, allowing you to monitor the performance of each solar panel in real time. This enables quick identification of any issues or underperforming panels, ensuring your system operates at its peak efficiency. With Enphase Solar system monitoring, you can easily track your energy production and make informed decisions to optimize your solar investment.

    Durability and Reliability

    Enphase Solar is committed to delivering durable and reliable solar solutions. The microinverters are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and are backed by industry leading warranties, providing you with peace of mind and long term performance assurance. With Enphase Solar, you can count on a robust and resilient system that delivers consistent energy production for years to come, no matter how extreme our Queensland weather gets!

    Intelligence - Enphase MyEnlighten 

    Enphase's intuitive apps allows you to control your power at any time and provide real-time insight into how much electricity you produce, consume, and save is available. You can access detailed reports for any time period to effectively monitor the performance of your system remotely. 

    Custom solar system design

    We understand that every property is unique, with varying energy requirements and architectural considerations. Enphase Solar offers tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced solar professionals will work closely with you to design a customised solar system that maximises energy production and seamlessly integrates into your property.

    Industry Leading Warranty

    Enphase IQ5 series microinverters are covered with 15 year limited warranty, which you can extend to 20 or 25 years! 

    Safety features

    Enphase microinverters have a built in system shut down so that in an emergency, you can turn off your solar power instantly. This keeps utility workers and first responders protected.

    Expert Installation & Support

    Enphase Solar ensures a smooth and hassle-free installation process. Our certified installers have the expertise to handle all aspects of the installation, from system design and equipment procurement to obtaining necessary permits and completing the final inspection. We provide ongoing support, including system maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting, to ensure your solar system performs optimally throughout its lifespan.

    Enphase IQ8 Solar Microinverter
    Credit: Enphase Energy

    Why are Enphase solar batteries better?

    • Enphase IQ battery allows you to store extra energy, preventing it from being wasted
    • Use your stored energy at any time, whether it is day or night or raining or shining
    • Reduce your dependence on the grid, and maximise your savings
    • Option to sell the extre energy to the grid, making your battery a valuable asset
    • Enphase battery components are safer & have a longer life span than other suppliers
    • Storm Guard feature can monitor approaching storms & automatically fully charge for optimal backup power
    • Turn appliances on and off from the Enphase app to save power
    • Set your preferences so that the app manages power automatically for you
    Enphase Solar Batteries
    Credit: Enphase Energy

    Solar Power Services

    In addition to Enphase Solar our team of accredited CEC solar installers provides a full range of solar power services to residential and commercial properties that ensure your solar power system is installed and operating effectively. We cover all aspects of solar system installations, repair, and maintenance, our services include:

    Fallon Solutions Solar Technician Installing Solar Panels & Interverts

    Solar power specialists in Brisbane & Gold Coast

    Fallon Solutions are your solar specialists, helping to provide efficient solar energy solutions to Queensland households and businesses. We supply and install solar power systems and provide future maintenance services to ensure your solar power system works efficiently for years to come.

    Contact our solar power specialists on 1300 762 260 or complete an online solar power enquiry form and we'll be in contact with you very soon.


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    Are solar panels covered by insurance?
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    For more in depth solar information visit our Solar Information page

    With rising energy bills, get a Solar system today!

    Introducing Enphase Solar & battery solutions. Don’t miss out on the government rebate!

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    Fallon Solutions Solar Panel Instalation
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