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  • How do solar panels work?

    Solar panels create electricity using solar radiation and silicon cells. Each solar panel is made up of a co...

  • Solar Power - Advantages and Disadvantages

    Have you considered installing solar power systems? If we could rank the best invention of all-time in the history of mankind, it would be electricity. Literally everything we use nowad...

  • What size solar system do I need?

    With the increased interest in environmentally friendly options across the globe, from less plastic bags to reusable coffee cups to renewable energy, the interest in solar system arrangements ha...

  • What's the best solar panel location?

    If you are looking into having a solar system installed, you likely have so much information r...

  • Which solar panels are the best?

    Choosing between a top quality product and a dodgy solar panel can be confusing especially if you’re not familiar with the brands on the market or the products your

  • What is a solar isolator switch?

    A solar isolator switch is a safety device that manually disconnects the direct current (DC) electricity from the solar PV system. The iso...




  • Do I need to clean my solar panels?

    Have you been wondering why your solar power output has suddenly dropped? The dirt buildup on your solar panels could be to blame.

  • Can solar panels cause a fire?

    2020 was great for the solar power industry in Australia. The number of solar PV systems installations jumped significantly in every Austra...

Common Issues

  • Are solar panels a fire risk?

    Solar panels actually present quite a low fire risk. It is very rare for solar panels to cause a fire. It’s m...

  • Aurora Inverter error codes

    Originally designed by Power One and now fully owned by ABB, the world’s second largest solar inverter...

  • Bosch Inverter Error Codes

    In 2016, Bosch pulled out of the Australian solar power inverter market due to not being able to...

  • How to reduce high electricity bills?

    With electricity bills taking a bigger and bigger chunk out of our household budget every year, taking steps now to reduce high electricity bills can save you $$$ and help protect the environmen...

  • Why do solar inverters fail?

    Solar power systems comprise of solar panels, inverters, batteries and a meter. As long as the solar PV system ...

  • Solar power systems - what you can and can't do

    Making adjustments to the solar PV system in your home may seem like a straightforward task. Often pulling a plug out here or connecting a lead there may look like a job anyone with a bit of com...

  • Fronius Inverter error codes

    One of the most popular inverter brands for solar in Australia is the Fronius Inverters range. With a range of inverters from 1.5 to 27kW there's guaranteed to be suitable inverter for virtually...

  • Growatt Inverter Error Codes

    With solar inverters ranging from 1kW to 630kW, Growatt is one of the biggest suppliers of Solar Invert...

  • SMA Inverter Error Codes

    SMA Solar Technology inverters are renowned as possibly one of the best solar inverters available in Au...

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