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Fallon Solutions offer complete, professional solar panel installation and replacement services for residential and commercial properties throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our experienced solar installers utilise a range of solar panels from proven, leading brands to ensure your solar power system is efficient and long lasting.

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There are so many solar panels to choose from and every company says they have the best. Although, not all companies are as honest and transparent with their quotes as what we believe they should be. The quality of the solar panel should be a key point to consider when purchasing a solar system and differentiating one brand of panels from another is not that easy.

That’s why we have based the selection of solar panels we offer on the tier ratings of the panel manufacturers. There are three tier ratings that are commonly used in the solar industry.

What are Tier Ratings?

  • Tier 1 rated solar panels - are the lowest risk and have a proven history of quality and overall performance. The main benefits of these manufacturers, which total only about 3% of the manufacturers in the market, is that they are vertically integrated, meaning they make the whole panel from start to finish, not just assemble them. These brands are very innovative and invest heavily in development and research. They use automated robotic manufacturing techniques that ensure superior standards of quality and would usually have over 5 years experience in making solar panels.
  • Tier 2 rated solar panels - are usually cheaper and although there are some good ones at the top of the scale, there are some that may be riskier to use near the bottom. These manufacturers comprise about 7% of the market, and they usually have only been making panels for around two to five years. They would invest relatively small amounts in development and research and their use of robotic automation would not be a major factor in their production lines.
  • Tier 3 rated solar panels - should be avoided in our opinion. They are much cheaper, however, please remember you get what you pay for. These manufacturers comprise approx 90% of the market and are often the least experienced brands. They usually just assemble other company’s components and are very high in manpower input rather than any mechanisation. Another important factor to think about is whether they are third party approved panels that have been scientifically tested and rated for their efficiency and quality.

Our range of solar panel brands

We have done our research and selected these high quality and reliable solar panel brands to offer.

Our Premium Range

TopSola Solar Panels BrisbaneTopSola is one of the leading Chinese branded panels with strong support from the government. They manufacture top-tier quality solar panels, export globally and are well recognised in Europe and America. TopSola has advanced technologies in the production of solar cells with automatic production processes and strict process control, ensuring zero appearance defect and stable transformation efficiency in processing.

Our Superior Range

Jinko Solar Panel BrisbaneThese Jinko Solar brand solar panels are specially made for the Australian market and are rated at 250W each. They come with a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship as well as a 25 year performance warranty. (Industry leading power output at 12 years/90% and 25 years/80%).

There are literally many 100s of Chinese solar panels on the Australian market. We believe that Jinko is the best of the best Chinese solar panels suited for the Australian conditions. They are in the top ten of Tier 1 rated solar panels.

Our Prestige Range

LG Solar Panel BrisbaneThe brand name that you probably know. LG solar panels will provide decades of clean, reliable energy fpr your home. Choosing LG’s state-of-the-art Mono XTM is an investment in superior standards of design, manufacture, back up support and warranties. After a rigorous process, LG’s product durability testing laboratory has earned certification from both TÜV Rheinland and UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a first in the solar industry.

Important note

All work on your solar power system, other than to locate, mount and fix in place solar electrical equipment, including PV panels, must be carried out by a licenced electrician. More information on this here - Solar power systems - what you can and can't do

Solar panel roof mounting systems

Grace Solar Panel Racking BrisbaneAlso very important in any solar system is the quality of the racking’s or mounting system that hold the solar panels to your roof. Longevity is the secret here. We have been very happy with the quality and performance of mounting from Grace Solar. They will ensure that your solar panels stay securely on your roof.

Solar Panels Brisbane

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