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How to test your smoke alarms

Published: April 18, 2021 Last Updated: October 17, 2022

Smoke alarms can save lives, but only if they're working properly. That's why it's essential to test yours regularly. Here's how to do it.

[0:04] Mick

Looking good Morris. 

[0:05] Morris

Yeah, thank you.

[0:07] Mick

Ok, I know I need to test my smoke alarms, so what's the first step?

[0:09] Morris

Our first step, you should probably go tell everyone in the home that you're going to test the smoke alarms. That way they're aware that it's going to be some sound and they don't go running for the hills and they know that it's just an alarm.

[0:19] Mick

Okay, so we don't have anyone panicking which is great so they're all informed.

What's the next step?

[0:24] Morris

Next step, I'm going to press and hold the test button. I'm using a ladder here but you can use the end of a broom if you don't have a sturdy ladder.

[0:29] Mick

That's a good tip.

[0:30] Morris

Yep, we'll give these a go.

[0:33] Smoke alarm beeping

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[0:40] Mick

They seem to be working really well.

[0:42] Morris

Yeah, they do Mick. If you press the test button and nothing happens or it's really faint in sound they probably need looking at and that's definitely something we can help with.

These ones here are interconnected Mick, so if one goes off it sets them all off so it's probably a good idea to have someone go around with you and make sure that they're all going off.

So test one here and then go around and test the other ones as well and make sure that they're all still interconnected.

[1:03] Mick

Yeah right, so test it, have someone else in another room listening too as well. Ok great all right and so how often should I be testing them?

[1:09] Morris

Good practice is once a month Mick. These things save lives but only if they work the way that they should.

[1:13] Mick

Well, absolutely mate that's great advice thank you.

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