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Solar power is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to generate power. Excess power generated from the solar panels can now be kept in battery storage for later use on cloudy days instead of being fed back into the power grid. This ensures that your home or business has power at all times.

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Benefits of solar power

  • Abundance of renewable energy: If you live in sunny Queensland you know that we have an abundance of sunshine. If you were to have solar panels installed on your roof the electricity you would generate from the sun would produce more electricity than you would be able to use.
  • Cost effective: Due to your power coming directly from the sun and less from your provider you can say goodbye to the exorbitant power prices from being solely provided electricity by the grid. This means more money back into your pocket.
  • Green Energy: Converting your home to solar reduces the size of your carbon footprint dramatically.

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Government Solar Rebates and Incentives

These rebates and incentives are to help people get a return on their initial investment when converting their home to solar. The current incentives available for homeowners are:

Solar Feed-in Tariffs

This scheme is meant for people that produce more energy than their home can consume. You can have your additional power transferred into the shared energy grid and for every kWh you give into the grid you receive money back. Typically in the form of money off your next bill.

Small-scale Technology Certificates

This particular scheme is federal and provides people installing solar panels with a certificate that can be used to give a discount on your new system. The amount given in the certificate will depend entirely on the size of your new system.

Solar power

The solar power that your home or business will need is dependant on your needs and the space available in or to install the solar system. It is better to have some solar panels than none although going to the extreme on either side is not recommended. Stick to what you can afford and what will benefit your home or business the most.

Solar power requirements

There are essentially three main components required to generate solar power in your home.

  • solar panels which convert the suns' energy into electrical energy (DC)
  • solar panel racking systems which attach the solar panels to the roof
  • solar power inverter which converts the DC electrical energy to AC for use in your home and, if required, to feed back into the main electricity network.

Fallon Solutions has researched and tested various different brands of solar power components and selected a range which we believe offer both quality and value for money. Our solar installers are all Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited Master Electricians and Installation Sub-Contractors.

Important note

All work on your solar power system, other than to locate, mount and fix in place solar electrical equipment, including PV panels, must be carried out by a licenced electrician. More information on this here - Solar power systems - what you can and can't do

Solar Power Installation

Fallon Solutions team can take care of all your solar PV system requirements. We can help you decide on the best size solar system for your home, the ideal placement on your roof, and which brands and components are going to suit your needs. Our team will then supply and install the chosen system, as well as assist with any future maintenance needs to ensure your solar power system works efficiently for years to come.

Contact our solar power specialists on 1300 762 260 or complete an online solar power enquiry form and we'll be in contact with your very soon.

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