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Avoid rain water damage- keep your stormwater drains clear

  • 05 Nov 2015

At the first roll of thunder for the spring, one of our trade teams just want to go to ground. No, it's not our antenna specialists, it's the plumbing and drainage team. They know more than anyone how much damage rising storm water can do to homes, gardens and infrastructure. Why? Because they see it every year.

Stormwater Drainage Brisbane

We've had a small preview of the action to come this summer and our team are already getting calls about rainwater backing up from dirt and debris which has been allowed to accumulate in stormwater drains over the winter. As the weather heats up and the wind begins to blow in earnest, the tree's and bushes naturally get rid of old leaves and branches to make room for new growth and the situation will only get worse for your drains.

What can you do?

Start at the top. Clean roofs, gutters and downpipes to prevent leaves getting washed into the stormwater drain from the house run off. While you're at it, trim back overhanging trees and bushes to make the job easier next year. Repair gutters where needed so the water goes away from the house and not into the roof.

Please note - Be especially cautious around the power line to your house, consult a licenced electrician or your power company for advice if there are branches which could interfere with the electrical cable.

Clear debris away from stormwater drain grates and any area's which could wash onto the drain when it rains. Move plant pots, gardening supplies and outdoor play equipment from drains. Make it as easy as possible for water to wash away from your home and garden.

When to get the drainage specialists in?

If you've noticed the rainwater takes longer to get away than usual, or bad smells have been coming from the drains, it might be time to get in the professionals to check out what's going on and to unblock the drain before it stops draining altogether. Professional drain plumbers carry specialist equipment which can quickly get to the bottom of the issue such as:

  • drain cameras - to find and identify the problems,
  • water jetters or robotic cutters - to clear away accumulated debris

Sometimes the problem involves a broken or cracked pipe which can be repaired using various pipe repair methods.

  • pipe patching - small sections of pipe are patched from inside
  • pipe relining - used with larger sections of broken pipe or breaks at junctions or joints.

Brisbane will be the most thunderstorm affected capital in Australia this summer with 16 to 20 severe thunderstorm days predicted from October 2015 to April 2016 for the area. Don't leave it too late get your stormwater drains in tip top conditions this year.

For more information on drainage solutions give our experienced plumbing team a call on 1300 762 260 or complete our booking request today.

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