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Drainage Solutions

Need help with sewer or stormwater drains & pipes?

Fallon Solutions licensed drain plumbers can help. We will find out exactly what the problem is and then provide effective, practical solutions to fix it. From clearing a blocked drain or repairing drains using pipe relining to installing a new stormwater drainage system, we can do it all. Where ever you are in South East Queensland, if you're having problems with stormwater or sewer pipes contact our drainage specialists today.

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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are not only annoying, but they can pose a real health risk. Fallon Solutions team of plumbers are your local blocked drains experts, we can fix your blocked drains usually without having to dig up your property. Whether your toilet or sink is backing up; or your backyard is flooding when it rains, we can help. We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

Blockages in your drains and pipes are generally caused by excessive fat and silt deposits, faulty pipe work or root intrusion and damage. Our team handles all types of blocked drains, big or small. We can clear blocked drains using different techniques such as a plumbers snake or water jetting.

Digging up large sections of your property to find blocked drain causes is a thing of the past. We utilise the latest technology in plumbing inspection equipment, including a CCTV Drain Camera, to locate the exact location of the blocked drain and work out the best solution to fix it.

Who's responsible for problems with drains?

Under local council guidelines, all household drains and their upkeep and maintenance, are the responsibility of the homeowners. This means the section of drainage that lies within the property boundaries are also the residents' responsibility. The Brisbane City Council recommends only licensed plumbers are used for any private drain or plumbing works you may require.

Common drain issues & repairs

We have solutions for all common drain problems, and many issues which are not so common. Our team can help:

Longterm drain repairs

Clearing a blocked drain is just the beginning. If you clear a blockage from a drain but don't fix the problem that caused it, then you can expect another blocked drain in the near future. The drain blockage is just the symptom of an underlying problem, such as tree root intrusion through a crack in the pipe.

But does this mean you have to dig up your property to replace a damaged pipe?

Luckily NO. With the latest "No Dig" technologies, Fallon Solutions can reline a damaged pipe - without the need to dig it up - to make it as good as new. Find out more about Pipe Relining.

Blocked Drain - Unblocking a Blocked Drain
Clearing a Blocked Drain

Stormwater drains

During the peak storm season 100's of litres of water can fall on your property and if you do not have the correct drainage in place, the water can't run off. This can be potentially dangerous to your house leading to issues like flooding and rising damp. Having water sitting around the property can not only create a health hazard but can result in sigificant water damage repairs. It is vital that your property has the correct stormwater drainage solutions in place to move the rainwater quickly away from your building.

Our drainage team can assess the drains around your property and design a system of drains and pits to ensure that your stormwater is collected efficiently and runs off into a legal discharge point quickly to reduce flooding and water damage.

Drain cleaning services

Regular drain cleaning can minimise the likelihood of blocked drains. Fallon Solutions Plumbers offer a plumbing inspection service to give you a clear report on your drain and pipe health. This procedure involves an experienced plumber using a CCTV drain inspection camera to determine if you have any undetected issues before they become blockages.

Our team will then provide recommendations on pipe repairs or drain cleaning where needed. We can complete any necessary plumbing repairs and drain repairs as well as the installation of new plumbing, pipes and drains. If your home or business relies on a healthy plumbing system we suggest that a periodic drain clean is included in your routine maintenance schedule.

Plumber clearing drain

Why use us for your drainage solutions

We have a large team of qualified plumbers on board that are experienced with all drainage solutions. We have a fleet of over 50 vehicles servicing Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & the South East Queensland region and are a member of the Master Plumbers Association.

Our plumbers are trained to use specialised equipment to clear blocked drains or have access to quality parts for repairs.

Your local drain plumbing specialists

Fallon Solutions plumbers have the latest technology in plumbing services to quickly diagnose your plumbing problems. This means we can handle blocked drains with ease. We give you accurate quotes and clear blocked drains in the fastest and most efficient way. We can also provide longterm drainage solutions such as pipe patching and pipe relining.

For all your blocked drains call Fallon Solutions on 1300 054 488 or complete our booking request, we can be there today.


Common causes of blocked drains
Everyone knows how frustrating blocked drains can be, whether it’s something blocking the kitchen sink or something clogging the pipes this can often interrupt water flow and your ability to perform daily functions. The team at Fallon Solutions are experienced in unblocking all types of dra...
How to fix a drain under the house
Drainage solutions for under a home Having a broken drain is a huge inconvenience for any home, which is why it is important to know how to get it fixed correctly. The best method of repairing a drain will vary depending on the type of pipe repair and where the pipe is located. This article will ...
What is Pipe Relining?
Many plumbing jobs aren’t exactly fun to complete, however, a blocked or damaged pipe that is causing a large problem is one of the worst. The smell, the mess… it really isn’t ideal. And, if you have damaged plumbing or recurring blocked drain issues, you may think that replac...

For more in depth drainage solutions information visit our Drainage solutions Information page

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