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Drainage Solutions Gold Coast

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Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Your local Gold Coast drainage solution specialists

Are you suffering from slow draining or fully clogged drains? Our experienced Gold Coast plumbers can clear your drains fast, plus we offer long-lasting, practical solutions to ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.

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Common causes of drain clogs

Drains block up for many different reasons, our plumbing team never know what they’re going to find, however, there are a few common culprits which we see every day.

  • Grease, fat, and oil - these get washed down the kitchen sink or through the dishwasher drain but as they cool a bit further along the pipe they become solid and stick to the drain. Over time substances can build up, eventually completely blocking the drain. Due to their sticky nature, they can also collect other debris speeding up the clogging process.
  • Hair, soap scum, food scraps - the tiny bits that flow down the drain usually get washed along into the sewer without a problem, however, tiny imperfections or movement of pipes can cause these items to catch on the pipe.
  • Wet wipes - many of these products are labelled ‘safe to flush’ or ‘flushable’ which is not the case. Toilet or bathroom wet wipes don’t break down in the sewer system and are becoming one of the leading causes of blocked toilets and drains for homeowners as well as councils.
  • Drain collapse - older drains or those located in an area where heavy machinery is in use can become crushed and collapse stopping the flow of wastewater or storm water.
  • Ground movement - Loose or sandy soil, just like much of the Gold Coast is built on, can allow pipes and drains to move which can cause joins to become loose or even completely disconnected.
  • Tree roots - it only takes a tiny crack for thirsty tree roots to find their way into a drain. Once inside they grow quickly thanks to the abundant supply of water eventually blocking the drain completely.

Gold Coast drainage services

Our plumbing and drainage team can fix all of the above issues and many more. We specialise in clearing your drains fast, but also we recommend longterm repair solutions so it doesn’t happen again and again. Our Gold Coast drainage services include:

Practical solutions to all your drain plumbing problems on the Gold Coast

Fallon Solutions plumbing team are on hand to take care of all your blocked sewer or stormwater drain problems across the Gold Coast. Contact our team at 3255 1203 or complete our service request form today.

Fallon Solutions Team

Great reasons to use our team for blocked drains on the Gold Coast

  • We offer a 10 year warranty* on our pipeline rehabilitation.
  • Our plumbers are fully trained in the latest 'no dig' trenchless drain repair techniques, which allows us to fix your blocked drains and stop them from happening again; without the need to dig up your property.
  • We provide fixed prices, so you'll know the cost before we start. No surprises.
  • We're your 'One Call Trade Specialists' on the Gold Coast, we can help you with all your trade needs.
  • Our team are on time, clean, friendly, and knowledgeable.


Common causes of blocked drains
Everyone knows how frustrating blocked drains can be, whether it’s something blocking the kitchen sink or something clogging the pipes this can often interrupt water flow and your ability to perform daily functions. The team at Fallon Solutions are experienced in unblocking all types of dra...
How to fix a drain under the house
Drainage solutions for under a home Having a broken drain is a huge inconvenience for any home, which is why it is important to know how to get it fixed correctly. The best method of repairing a drain will vary depending on the type of pipe repair and where the pipe is located. This article will ...
What is Pipe Relining?
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For more in depth drainage solutions information visit our Drainage solutions Information page

Not Just Drainage Solutions in Gold Coast

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Benefits of using Fallon Solutions

There are many benefits to using Fallon Solutions for all your
Trade Solutions.Below are just a few of them:

    • 1 Guaranteed on time

      We value your time, so will do all we can to be at your home when we say we will. We'll also call when we are on our way so you know to expect us. If we're late, we'll pay you up to $50 for the inconvenience.

    • 2 Upfront standardised pricing

      Before we do anything we'll give you an upfront pricing that will be the same as any other customer. This ensures no surprises or hidden costs and no price gouging.

    • 3 Guaranteed workmanship

      All of our workmanship is 100% guaranteed in writing. This gives you peace of mind; knowing that if your job hasn't been completed to industry standard we will re-do it for no cost.

    • 4 Professional service

      Our staff will wear protective clothing with shoe covers, use work mats, clean up after themselves and take away any old fittings and parts. In other words, we'll leave your home the same way we found it; except of course the problem will be fixed.

    • 5 Know who you're dealing with

      Our staff will then turn up with a Fallon Solutions uniform and ID, so you will know exactly who you are dealing with.

    • 6 Qualified, Licenced and Insured

      Our technicians are all fully qualified and licenced. We also have all required insurances. So whilst we might not be the cheapest trade company around, you will know that we are doing the job right and you are fully protected.

    • 7 Our Phones are manned 24/7

      This means we are there when you need us the most. We understand that businesses don't all trade the same time. We also know that if you have an emergency; you need it fixed fast.

    • 8 Over 50 Vehicles on the road

      Having so many qualified trades people out there means that we can respond quicker to emergency and high priority jobs. Don't let an unforseen emergency impact your business.

    • 9 Your One Call Trade Specialists

      We cover most of the trades you will need, including plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, carpentry and more. Don't waste time dealing with multiple companies when you can just deal with one.

    • 10 Trading since 1962

      We have been trading for over 60 years (with the current owner since 2005). This means you can trust that we will be around when you need us and to honour our work guarantees.

    • 11 Fully qualified & licenced professionals

      All of our Trades People are fully qualified and licenced as per their industry requirements. Furthermore, they undertake regular training to ensure they are always up with the latest industry trends and best practice.

    • 12 Complete customer history kept

      This ensures that when you deal with us we know the history of your property and any work that has been carried out there. Don't waste time explaining every time you need something completed.

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