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Pool Tariff 33 Connections

Connect your appliances to Tariff 33 and save

The average pool filtration system which is connected to a continuous supply tariff such as tariff 11 can cost a homeowner around $550.00 per annum to run. With the changes that have been brought in by the Qld Government, you are now able to connect your pool equipment to Tariff 33 via a socket outlet and run equipment at a reduced rate.

Pool Tariff Enquiry

1300 054 488

What can I save?

It is estimated that you can save approximately $235.00 per year on the Tariff 33 connection.

Existing pool owners

Our electrical team can provide you with a quote to switch to an economy tariff. The cost will vary depending on the current wiring and set up of the electrical system for your pool equipment.

All of the electrical work that is carried out by Fallon Solutions will comply with AS 3000.

Why has the pool tariff been changed?

This is part of the Government initiatives to move electricity away from peak demand times in residential areas from 4 pm to 8 pm each day. Peak demand electricity is associated with increases in electricity prices.

It will also mean that if your pump needs repairs or replacement that you don’t need to engage the services of an electrician to connect and disconnect the pool filtration system each time.

The socket outlet now provides a simple connection and disconnection of the pool equipment for easy installation, maintenance and repairs.

Which pool equipment can I connect?

Connection to Tariff 33 can be carried out for pool filtration and associated sanitation systems, which include pool pumps, pool filters, chlorinators and chlorine dispensing units.

It does not apply to features such as lights, fountains, etc.

Your local electrical specialists

Fallon Solutions have been providing quality electrical work for over 50 years. Our team of master electricians are the best in the business and can be relied upon to get the job done on time and on budget.

Some hot water systems can also be connected to economy tariffs. Speak to our team for more information.

Contact our service team to arrange your economy tariff connection on 1300 054 488 or complete our online booking request form today.

Want to know more about Tariff 33?

What is Tariff 33?

What is Tariff 33?

Tariff 33 is known as the economy tariff and is best suited to water heaters and pool pumps. Tariff 33 is up to 40% less expensive than the regular domestic tariff. According to Energex, the electricity network provider in South-East Queensland, Tariff 33 is available for a minimum of 18 hours per day.

The times of supply for Tariff 33 are completely up to the network providers (Energex or Ergon) but it is most likely that Tariff 33 will be switched off between the peak hours of:

  • 4-9pm at night.
  • 6-9am in the morning.

As you can see there is plenty of time to run your pool pump and hot water system outside of these hours.

It is important to remember that the times of supply are at the network provider’s discretion. On some days electricity supply may not be turned off at all.

What is Tariff 31?

What is Tariff 31?

Tariff 31 is known as the Super Economy Plan and is the cheapest off-peak tariff available for water heating. This tariff is about 59% cheaper than your normal domestic tariff.

However, tariff 31 is only available at low electricity-demand periods, such as at night when generators would otherwise be idle.

Electricity supply is made available for a minimum of eight hours per day at times set by the network owner (Energex or Ergon, depending on where you live) at their discretion.

In most cases Tariff 31 will be available between the hours of 10pm and 7am . On some days electricity supply may not be turned off.

Tariff 31 is best suited to water heaters and can be a great way to reduce your power bill.

You can also find out more on the Energex website here:


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For more in depth electrical information visit our Electrical Information page

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