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Data Cabling and Solutions

Providing quality data cable installation services

Fallon Solutions are experts when it comes to your voice and data cabling. With many modern office systems, it is important to ensure that office setup is not only reliable but will service your current and future office requirements.

All of Fallon Solutions data cablers have the required ACMA registration that is sometimes referred to as open cabler's license. These are issued by the Australian Cabler registration services (ACRS) and ensure that your data cable installation will comply with guidelines set by the Australian Communications Authority. All of our voice and data cabling technicians take the time to ensure the needs and requirements of your business and will customise the right data centre cabling for your office.

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Data cabling installation services

We offer a range of data cable installation services including:

  • Category 5e and 6 data cabling

    We install Cat 5e and Cat 6 data cabling for both residential and commercial properties. The Cat 5e is a good choice for those who want to set up their own network at home or use it as an internet connection in conjunction with the NBN. It can also be used from one central location, which eliminates cabling needs across multiple rooms of your house and allows you wireless signals throughout your home. Cat 5e cables extend your Local Area Network (LAN) speeds up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps) and the maximum length is 100m. It is a good choice for adding to older systems.

    Higher bandwidth is a must for video streaming and other high bandwidth applications. Cat 6 cabling delivers the perfect solution with speeds of 10Gbps (10,000Mbps). It offers better performance than 5e cables, so you can feel confident knowing your data will never get lost or corrupt due to slower speeds. Cat 6 cables used to be mainly for businesses, but with the growth in popularity of NBN connections, home media streaming and gaming, it is more popular at home as well as with businesses.

  • Extra computer outlets and data points

    Our technicians will install, repair and replace computer outlets and data points at your home and business. With us all having greater internet use than we used to, many premises don’t have enough computer outlets. We install additional data point outlets throughout your property to make allowances for the various devices that you require.

  • Computer networking

    Almost every home and business nowadays have LANs and an internet connection. This allows multiple devices such as; computers, tablets etc to connect to each other and to connect to the internet. Our computer networking specialists can design, upgrade and install complete cabling systems and hubs for your needs at home or the office.

  • Telephone cabling and points

    The telephone point provides a connection to your landline and internet service from the provider’s network. We provide installation, maintenance, repairs and relocation of telephone points and cabling for your home or business.

  • Voice and data cabling

    Having issues with your data cabling can lead to problems with your internet. Although they are hidden away behind the walls, your cabling is of the utmost importance to keep you connected. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, the end product is the same: loss of connectivity! Your voice and data cabling, as inferred, handles both voice and data, which includes your phone system cabling, data network, any CCTV wiring and wireless network infrastructure cabling. Our expert electricians have extensive experience installing and repairing voice and data communications infrastructure, and will advise on the best options to suit your needs and future proof your system.

  • Emergency repairs

    Has a rodent had a nibble through your cables? Eek! No internet or your landline phone connection dropping out? We understand that your connectivity is essential and our technicians can come to your premises 24 hours a day for any emergency cabling repairs that you need. Call our friendly team on 1300 054 488 now for a local emergency electrician.

  • Coaxial cabling installation and termination

    Coaxial cables transmit signals from one point to another and are used for your tv, internet and phone lines. Fallon’s technicians are knowledgeable about all the cabling requirements and will install coax cables in the most suitable places for your requirements. We also terminate existing coaxial cables. It is essential to have coax terminators as the difference to the network performance is exponential. Coaxial cables actually allow the signal to travel 2 ways, like any electrical signal. If you leave a port unused and not terminated, you impair the balance between the signal as it can be reflected back into the circuit, which causes interference and power loss.

  • Server racks and patch panels

    Need the perfect server rack solution? We know how pivotal your internet can be, whether at home or work, and how frustrating it is when the wifi stops working. That's why we perform full server rack installation and optimisation to ensure you have the best server rack solution.

    Patch panels contain ports that connect and manage your incoming and outgoing network cables and can be installed to organise all of your cabling.

  • Structured cabling installation and termination

    Structured cabling refers to an assembly of cables and components for your digital technology system to connect, communicate and share data. This can include the likes of: your telephone, data, intercom, security camera system and heaps more! When installing structured cabling, our technicians consider numerous factors at your property to meet your present, and future needs. We also terminate existing cabling to ensure your system is able to perform to its optimal and remain safe.

  • Fibre optic cabling

    Fallon electricians provide professional, structured and efficient fibre optic cabling. Fibre optics transmit data by light as opposed to electricity, which makes it exceptionally fast and is the futureproof cabling option.

  • Television systems

    Our television system experts will ensure you have the most suitable digital television antenna installed for a strong, consistent tv signal. We can upgrade, repair and maintain your television antenna system at a convenient time for you.

  • Public address systems

    We design, install, repair and maintain public address (PA) systems at your venue. PA systems can range from professional address systems, multiroom video and audio control systems, video conferencing and digital signage systems.

  • Intercom systems

    Fallon Solutions experienced security team offer complete intercom system installation, repair and servicing for homes and businesses. We utilise a wide range of top quality, reliable intercom brands to offer a security option for every property, large and small. With wired and wireless models, audio and video options, gate or front door station and many more variables we’re sure to find the perfect solution for your business or home security needs.

  • Home office set up

    Setting up your home office can be difficult without having the right electrical system in place. Fallon Solution can help assess all aspects of your home office setup whether it is cabling, test and tag of your electrical appliances, lighting, power outlets or phone lines, we do it all!

  • Krone cabling

    Krone is the market leader in connectivity solutions for copper, fibre and wireless networks. Our fully qualified professionals can design and implement Krone cabling networks for you.Krone cabling is considered superior due to its characterisation of providing reliability, better performance and durability.

  • CCTV camera systems

    If you're looking for a CCTV security camera system, then Fallon Solutions have you covered! We can take care of CCTV installation, repairs and maintenance of a quality surveillance camera system consisting of the latest security technology, proven leading brands and quality components. Astute consideration to all of these aspects ensures that we can create the most effective CCTV camera system for your unique security needs.

  • Smart wiring 

    Future proof your home security, energy management, connected smart appliances by installing Smart Wiring™ in your home. Fallon Solutions is an accredited Smart Wired™ designer and installer to allow you to control your home with the touch of a button with our custom automation system designs, installation and Smart Wiring™ services.

  • Audio distribution

    Does surround sound need installing? Well, sit back and let Fallon Solutions setup the cabling to optimise your audio system. We can install or rewire your audio distribution cables to ensure they are hidden and even mount your speakers to provide the audio system you always dreamt of!

  • Telephone and communication systems

    Our trusted team provides telephone line installations, network setup and communication systems solutions for your domestic or commercial requirements. We design and implement custom communication cabling solutions with the latest technology and market leading hardware.

Data Cable Installation Brisbane

Fallon Solutions data cable installation team pride themselves on delivering quality, comprehensive and dependable data cabling systems to all of our customers. We can customise your project to suit all of your business requirements and budgets.

So get in touch with one of our qualified Data cabling technicians by calling 1300 054 488 or complete our Enquiry Form for an overview of all of your communication needs.

Data Distribution Box Upgrade
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