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Electric Hot Water Systems

Your local top quality electric hot water specialists

Heating up water can be a huge energy drain, especially if your hot water system is old or not working properly. Did you know that the average Australian household spends $2,000 a year on energy bills? A lot of that money goes towards heating water.

Fallon Solutions offers professional electric hot water system installation, repairs and maintenance for homes and businesses in Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Moreton Bay. We can helpyou save money on your energy bills by installing a new high efficiency electric hot water system or repairing your old one.

Book your electric hot water unit services with Fallon Solutions experienced water heating specialists today.

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Advantages of electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems heat water and store it so that it's ready for you as soon as you need it. This also has the added advantage that you get full mains pressure to showers, washing machines, dishwashers, baths, and basins - all at the same time. This is an important consideration because everyone loves lots of hot water when they need it.

Electric water heaters are generally the cheapest option, easy to install and hassle-free to run.

Disadvantages of electric water heaters

While electric hot water system prices are generally the cheapest to buy and install, they are more expensive to run. They avoid using expensive peak electricity by only heating overnight during off-peak. To avoid running out of water when not heating, they are usually larger than needed meaning that more water than is needed is heated every day, leading to excess energy consumption.

Electric hot water systems are also considered the poor choice for reducing your carbon footprint.

But don't let this dissuade you, as the systems are getting more efficient all the time and in many cases are your best or only option.

Fallon Solutions can help you choose the best electric hot water system for your requirements and can install anywhere.

We supply and install all the leading brands of electric HWS

Fallon Solutions support all the major electric hot water system brands including the following:

Electric Hot Water System Prices

Being one of the largest suppliers and installers of electric hot water systems in Queensland enables us to offer very competitive prices.

Other water heating options we provide

Fallon Solutions Team

Our range of electric hot water systems

Fallon Solutions supply and install a huge range of hot water systems including, but not limited to:

  • Aquamax - 125 litre
  • Aquamax - 250 litre
  • Aquamax - 50 litre
  • Quantum Electric 160L
  • Rheem Compact 25L
  • Rheem Electric 125L
  • Rheem Electric 250L
  • Rheem Electric 315L
  • Rheem Electric 50L
  • Rheem Heavy Duty 50L
  • Rheem Stellar SS 160L
  • Rheem Stellar SS 315L
  • Rheem Stellar SS 80L
  • RheemGlas - Electric 80 litre
  • RheemPlus Electric 160L
  • RheemPlus Electric 315L
  • Rinnai Electric - 160L
  • Rinnai Electric - 25L
  • Rinnai Electric - 400L
  • Rinnai Electric - 80L
  • Thermann Electric Storage 125L
  • Thermann Electric Storage 250L
  • Thermann Electric Storage 400L
  • Thermasol Electric - 160L
  • Thermasol Electric - 315L
  • Thermasol Electric - 50L
  • Vulcan Electric D/H - 50L
  • Vulcan Electric L/H - 160L
  • Vulcan Electric L/H - 315L
  • Vulcan Electric L/H - 80L
  • Aquamax - 160 litre
  • Aquamax - 315 litre
  • Aquamax - 80 litre
  • Quantum Electric 250L
  • Rheem Compact 47L
  • Rheem Electric 160L
  • Rheem Electric 25L
  • Rheem Electric 400L
  • Rheem Electric 80L
  • Rheem Stellar SS 125L
  • Rheem Stellar SS 250L
  • Rheem Stellar SS 50L
  • RheemGlas - Electric 50 litre
  • RheemPlus Electric 125L
  • RheemPlus Electric 250L
  • Rinnai Electric - 125L
  • Rinnai Electric - 250L
  • Rinnai Electric - 315L
  • Rinnai Electric - 50L
  • Tempering Valve
  • Thermann Electric Storage 160L
  • Thermann Electric Storage 315L
  • Thermasol Electric - 125L
  • Thermasol Electric - 250L
  • Thermasol Electric - 400L
  • Thermasol Electric - 80L
  • Vulcan Electric L/H - 125L
  • Vulcan Electric L/H - 250L
  • Vulcan Electric L/H - 400L


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