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Solar Sunshine Coast

Your local Sunshine Coast solar system specialists

Reduce your home or business electricity costs by installing a solar power system to utilise the free solar energy generated by the sun. The Fallon Solutions solar electricians can design and install a custom solar PV system tailored to the specific electricity generation needs of your Sunshine Coast property. 

For all your solar power & solar battery needs on the Sunshine Coast book a Fallon Solutions solar installer today.

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CEC solar installers Sunshine Coast

Every home and business across the Sunshine Coast has a unique set of power requirements, which is why when you look at investing in a solar PV system there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Using the services of a CEC accredited solar installer ensures that your solar system will be designed to meet your power needs using top quality solar components, like solar panels and inverters, from proven, reputable solar brands. The installation will be carried out by licenced electricians who have successfully completed the Clean Energy Council’s accreditation training ensuring you’re getting a skilled solar specialist who is using the most up to date practices.

You also need to use a CEC solar installer to be eligible to claim various government incentives and rebates such as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

Solar from the company you can trust

Solar system, panel & inverter repairs

Your solar system is only as good as the power it generates. Due to the very low maintenance aspect of solar power systems they can often get forgotten about, with problems only being identified when a much higher than normal electricity bill comes in. 

For your solar power system to be effective all of the components need to be operating correctly and working together. A small fault in one component, like a micro-crack in a solar panel or an inverter issue, can result in reduced efficiency or even total system failure.

To ensure you are getting the best from your solar system it’s important to carry out regular checks on its operation and get any repairs carried out promptly. We also recommend getting a professional annual solar inspection to make sure the system is safe and providing you with the most power possible.

Fallon Solutions

Trusted professional Sunshine Coast solar power experts

For the very best in solar services throughout the Sunshine Coast, from Noosa to Caloundra contact Fallon Solutions solar installers at 

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We can help with your solar issues in Sunshine Coast.


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Benefits of using Fallon Solutions

There are many benefits to using Fallon Solutions for all your
Trade Solutions.Below are just a few of them:

    • 1 Guaranteed on time

      We value your time, so will do all we can to be at your home when we say we will. We'll also call when we are on our way so you know to expect us. If we're late, we'll pay you up to $50 for the inconvenience.

    • 2 Upfront standardised pricing

      Before we do anything we'll give you an upfront pricing that will be the same as any other customer. This ensures no surprises or hidden costs and no price gouging.

    • 3 Guaranteed workmanship

      All of our workmanship is 100% guaranteed in writing. This gives you peace of mind; knowing that if your job hasn't been completed to industry standard we will re-do it for no cost.

    • 4 Professional service

      Our staff will wear protective clothing with shoe covers, use work mats, clean up after themselves and take away any old fittings and parts. In other words, we'll leave your home the same way we found it; except of course the problem will be fixed.

    • 5 Know who you're dealing with

      Our staff will then turn up with a Fallon Solutions uniform and ID, so you will know exactly who you are dealing with.

    • 6 Qualified, Licenced and Insured

      Our technicians are all fully qualified and licenced. We also have all required insurances. So whilst we might not be the cheapest trade company around, you will know that we are doing the job right and you are fully protected.

    • 7 Our Phones are manned 24/7

      This means we are there when you need us the most. We understand that businesses don't all trade the same time. We also know that if you have an emergency; you need it fixed fast.

    • 8 Over 50 Vehicles on the road

      Having so many qualified trades people out there means that we can respond quicker to emergency and high priority jobs. Don't let an unforseen emergency impact your business.

    • 9 Your One Call Trade Specialists

      We cover most of the trades you will need, including plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, carpentry and more. Don't waste time dealing with multiple companies when you can just deal with one.

    • 10 Trading since 1962

      We have been trading for over 50 years (with the current owner since 2005). This means you can trust that we will be around when you need us and to honour our work guarantees.

    • 11 Fully qualified & licenced professionals

      All of our Trades People are fully qualified and licenced as per their industry requirements. Furthermore, they undertake regular training to ensure they are always up with the latest industry trends and best practice.

    • 12 Complete customer history kept

      This ensures that when you deal with us we know the history of your property and any work that has been carried out there. Don't waste time explaining every time you need something completed.

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